Chris Broderick

Chris Broderick & Alex Skolnick

Hey Friends,

We are both so excited and looking forward to as many of you joining us at Full Moon Resort, for our Winter Guitar Retreat, that we have some very exciting news! It’s going to be an incredible event- we’ll be teaching, jamming, picking, strumming, writing, and a lot more with each of you for a very special week of guitar activities and more. It will be non-stop guitar seminars and classes all day with the two of us leading every class! We will be there to teach, tell stories, hang out, and play a ton of music! We invite you to expand your knowledge of lead guitar, rhythm guitar, music history, jazz theory, chord theory, harmony, improvisation, counterpoint, composition, chord voicing’s, improv, classical finger style technique, and of course heavy metal guitar. Guitarists will learn techniques to increase speed and improve tone, while hearing stories about life on the road, getting gear tips and much more. Nathan Peck (bass) and Matt “Zebar” Zebroski (drums/percussion) of Alex Skolnick Trio will be on site to provide rhythm accompaniment for jam sessions throughout the week.

Enough about the retreat, let’s get to the exciting news!

We know that times are tight and we got some vibes from some of you that it’s tough finding the funds to come to this incredible event… so, we’ve answered your concerns and slashed our prices!!! now, you can come to the Retreat for the week for less than $1000!! its a great chance to polish your chops, meet other guitarists who you’ll want to stay in touch with, and have a great Holiday vacation.

If you’re interested, please check out our website for more information about the camp and how to register!!!!

Hope to see you in December,

Chris & Alex