Chris Broderick



Hi Friends,

My student Noah Dail’s band “Bachs of Rock” is trying to get on the Warped Tour in the D.C. area. The ranking is made up from votes, tweets and shares on Facebook. Can you help Noah by re-tweeting and sharing this post?  It would be very much appreciated!

– Chris

Chris is a very humble and shy person, so as a friend I’d like to share this with you all.   Check out what Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine had to say recently – very proud of Chris!

Ms. A

Dave Mustaine Facebook/Twitter quote

Everyone, help me wish Chris a very Happy Birthday!

Ms. A

Happy New Year! All the best to everyone.

What’s up everyone?

I am looking forward to 2013 as we record the next CD and get ready to perform it live for you. I also want to wish everyone the best this holiday season, and see you soon!

– Chris