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David Ellefson and Chris Broderick in-store meet & greets during Megadeth’s tour of Latin America, sponsored by Jackson Guitars. Details below:

April 22
12pm – 1pm
Dealer name: Mas Musika
Quito, Ecuador

May 02
12pm – 1pm
Store: Daiam Musica
Buenos Aires, Argentina

May 04
12pm – 1pm
Store: Reference Music
Sao Paulo, Brazil

May 06
12pm – 1pm
Dealer name: Musical Cedar
Bogota, Colombia

May 08
12pm – 1pm
Dealer name: Holocausto
Mexico City, Mexico

May 10
12pm – 1pm
Dealer name: Gama Music
Monterrey, Mexico

May 11
12pm – 1pm
Dealer name: El Alamo
Guadalajara, Mexico (Zapopan)

Jackson Guitars Latin America Meet & Greet

Hangin’ with Ozzy in Costa Rica!!!

Ozzy and Megadeth

Cool ad for the upcoming show in Bogota, can’t wait to play!

– Chris

[Photo via David Ellefson]

Black Sabbath + Megadeth Wall Painted Ad

Megadeth ‘full show’ video footage @ Estadio Monumental – Santiago, Chile (10/4):

[By La Reina Del Zoom]

See you on tour!

FRI 04th October – Santiago, Chile – Estadio Monumental
SUN 06th October – Buenos Aires, Argentina – Estadio Único de la Plata
WED 09th October – Porto Alegre, Brazil – Estacionamento da FIERGS
FRI 11th October – Sao Paulo, Brazil – Campo de Marte
SUN 13th October – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Apoteose
SAT 19th October – Bogota, Colombia – Parque Simon Bolivar
TUE 22nd October – San Jose, Costa Rica – Estadio Nacional
SAT 26th October – Mexico City, Mexico – For Sol

Black Sabbath and Megadeth Tour 2013