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Just another day in the office for Chris…

We have SOLD OUT all 1400 pick clips, but have no fear, more are on the way next month (left-handed ones, too)!

Thank you again for making this such a great success! Enjoy your pick clips, and keep on sharing your photos/stories with us on Facebook.

– Chris (and the ‘Team Broderick’ chicks)

If you would like the latest info on the ‘Chris Broderick Pick Clip’, you may be put on the wait list. E-mail info[@] with ‘Pick Clip Wait List’ in the subject line, and you’ll be added to the list. When the pick clips are back in stock, we’ll e-mail those on the list first.

Also, good news for you lefties! We’re going to do a small run of left-handed pick clips!

Chris Broderick Pick Clip

October 16, 2012

“Please be patient with the Pick Clip orders. I had no idea the demand would be so insane that I sold out of the 600 I had in a day. The international orders are being processed this week (a one man job with hundreds of customs forms to fill out, ugh). The U.S. orders of the pick clip went out yesterday, so some of you will probably get your pick clip today.

Here’s a few tips on the Pick Clip:

It is totally bendable. If you need it to grip the pick, or your thumb more or less, not only can you shape it to do that but you can also have it apply grip to different areas as well to make it more comfortable.

The pick clip functions best with a normal sized pick but small ones such as jazz picks can also work with a little more set up time.

Any thickness of pick should work up to 2mm

Picking in the beginning might feel a little odd, however I found it actually made my picking more efficient, so give it time and it will pay off.

I look forward to your comments/reviews of it. Please post them on my forum here: >>Chris Broderick Official Forum<< so I can read them all.”


Chris Broderick Pick Clip 1

All orders went out today, and we’re sold out! The store is temporarily closed until we are re-stocked. Thanks so much for the overwhelming response!

Pick Clip shipment