Chris Broderick

Hey Everyone,

I knew people would want to know why I left Ibanez, and I had the whole event written for all to read but I deleted that and don’t want to focus on why it didn’t work out with them. Let’s just say that the events that occurred with them this last year left me feeling like my guitar company wasn’t any where near as loyal to me as I was to them. For those who are curious you can read this old post that kicked things off:

4 Questions for Chris B.

Now on to the good news!!!!!! I am actually glad this happened. I talked to a lot of different guitar companies about a potential move and Jackson by leaps and bounds stepped up and was able to build a guitar that is nothing less then my perfect guitar. I spent countless design hours on it. With a double neck that I built when I was 17 being the basis for the guitar, and with Mike Shannon behind the tools, I think you guys will be impressed. There will be a press release soon enough and tons of pics and vids in the coming weeks.

I hope this answers a few questions and like I said there will be a lot of press on these guitars when they are released next week.

Take care,