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Many thanks go out to Mike Vanchieri, the lucky winner of the Megadeth Guitar Auction for Jason Becker – Thank you so very much Mike!!!

Chris Broderick Custom Hand Painted Autographed Megadeth Ibanez Prestige S5470 6-string Guitar

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Item specifics

Condition: Used
Brand: Ibanez
String Configuration: 6 String
Model: S5470
Dexterity: Right-Handed
Country of Manufacture: Japan
Body Type: Solid
Style: S Prestige series – Custom Hand Painted Airbrushed Megadeth Logo
Includes Hardshell Case with key lock

Chris Broderick, three-time Grammy nominated guitarist of the thrash metal band Megadeth has generously donated this custom hand painted Ibanez Prestige S5470 Electric Guitar to his guitar hero, Jason Becker. It is personally autographed by all members of Megadeth: Dave Mustaine, David Ellefson, Shawn Drover, and Chris himself.

This guitar was used in the recording of Megadeth’s 12th studio album “Endgame”, and played live on important tours in 2009 through 2010.

“Jason Becker has been and continues to be one of my biggest influences whether it’s on the guitar, in music, or about life in general. I can’t say enough about the man who has been such a big part of my ability in music, so hopefully this guitar I have given to him to auction will convey in a small way my gratitude for all he has done!”

– Chris Broderick

More details/specifics on this guitar can be found at this link:

Auction for Jason Becker 1
[Photo by: Stephanie Cabral Photography]

Auction for Jason Becker 2
[Photo by: Stephanie Cabral Photography]

Auction for Jason Becker 3
[Photo by: Stephanie Cabral Photography]

Auction for Jason Becker 4

Thanks go out to Rob Tarulli from New City, NY for the winning and charitable bid on Chris Broderick’s Ibanez “Endgame” guitar. All proceeds go to benefit Magnolia Elementary School PTC programs.

Guitar auction winner Rob

Chris Broderick, three-time Grammy nominated guitarist for the legendary band Megadeth has donated his personal Ibanez Prestige S5470F Red Viking Electric Guitar and will autograph it for the winner!

The guitar for sale is the one pictured with Chris Broderick in the Endgame artwork. The photos of the specs on the guitar were from the Ibanez website. I just learned Chris customized the guitar with DiMarzio D Activator pickups and had the Ibanez factory remove the “tone” knob.

Below are some photos of the donated guitar:

Chris guitar auction 1

Chris guitar auction 2

The auction also includes:

* Two of Chris Broderick’s custom armbands worn on tour.
* Nine Megadeth guitar picks total. Five different Chris Broderick (Megadeth) guitar picks from 2008-2012, plus two guitar picks (one with 13 logo, one with Endgame logo) from Megadeth mainman Dave Mustaine, and two guitar picks from bassist David Ellefson (one with 13 logo, one with just the Megadeth logo).
* Two autographed photos of Chris Broderick (Megadeth). One from 2010 with his custom Ibanez, one from 2011 holding his custom Jackson guitar.

Other auction items included

Hey Everyone,

I knew people would want to know why I left Ibanez, and I had the whole event written for all to read but I deleted that and don’t want to focus on why it didn’t work out with them. Let’s just say that the events that occurred with them this last year left me feeling like my guitar company wasn’t any where near as loyal to me as I was to them. For those who are curious you can read this old post that kicked things off:

4 Questions for Chris B.

Now on to the good news!!!!!! I am actually glad this happened. I talked to a lot of different guitar companies about a potential move and Jackson by leaps and bounds stepped up and was able to build a guitar that is nothing less then my perfect guitar. I spent countless design hours on it. With a double neck that I built when I was 17 being the basis for the guitar, and with Mike Shannon behind the tools, I think you guys will be impressed. There will be a press release soon enough and tons of pics and vids in the coming weeks.

I hope this answers a few questions and like I said there will be a lot of press on these guitars when they are released next week.

Take care,